Journal of Inorganic Materials ›› 2019, Vol. 34 ›› Issue (3): 301-309.DOI: 10.15541/jim20180295

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Different Doping Sites of Ag on Cu2SnSe3 and Their Thermoelectric Property

ZHOU Yi-Ming1, ZHOU Yu-Ling2, PANG Qian-Tao3, SHAO Jian-Wei4, ZHAO Li-Dong1   

  1. 1. School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China;
    2. AVIC SAC Commercial Aircraft Company Ltd., Shenyang 110034, China;
    3. Liaoning Tieling Sales Branch, Petro China Co. Ltd., Tieling 112000, China;
    4. Shenyang Liming Areo-Engine Co. Ltd., Shenyang 110043, China;
  • Received:2018-07-02 Revised:2018-07-25 Published:2019-03-20 Online:2019-02-26
  • About author:ZHOU Yi-Ming. E-mail:
  • Supported by:
    National Key R&D Program of China(2018YFB0703600);National Natural Science Foundation of China(51571007, 51772012);Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission(Z171100002017002);Shenzhen Peacock Plan Team(KQTD2016022619565911);111 Project(B17002)


Thermoelectric materials enable the direct inter-conversion between electrical energy and thermal energy. However, the conversion efficiency is limited by complex interdependent thermoelectric parameters, while the high performance thermoelectrics should simultaneously possess excellent electrical transport properties and poor thermal conductivities. The diamond-like compound Cu2SnSe3 is a promising middle-temperature thermoelectric material. In this work, the phase (Cu2Sn0.93Ag0.07Se3) with excellent electrical transport properties and the phase (Cu1.91Ag0.09SnSe3) with poor thermal conductivities were obtained just through Ag doping on the Sn and Cu sites, respectively. Meanwhile, their Seebeck coefficients were also quite different. To combine their advantages, the composites of Cu2Sn0.93Ag0.07Se3 and Cu1.91Ag0.09SnSe3 were fabricated through mechanical mixing and sintering. Benefited from the same crystal structure and the similar lattice parameters for these two phases, the small-mismatch phase interface is supposed to scatter phonons with little influence to the electrons, especially at high temperature. Therefore, the thermoelectric performance is improved due to the synergistically optimized electrical and thermal transport properties, which are well supported by the effective media theory for the composite.


Key words: thermoelectric, effective medium theory, diamond-like, Cu2SnSe3

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