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Catalytic Activity of Water Gas Shift and Characteristic Analysis of Complex Network from Surface Morphology of CuO+ZnO/CeO2/Al2O3

ZHANG Zhao-Chun, ZHANG Yi-Chao, ZHANG Qi-Xian   

  1. School of Materials Science and Technology, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200072, China
  • Received:2008-03-13 Revised:2008-07-03 Published:2009-01-20 Online:2009-01-20

Abstract: The supported catalyst of water gas shift reaction (WGSR) at low temperature, CuO+ZnO/CeO2/ Al2O3, was prepared using spherical alumina (φ3mm) and the incipient wetness technique for impregnation. The X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman scattering spectroscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM) were employed to characterize the chemical composition, bonded state of surface elements and surface morphology of CuO+ZnO/CeO2/Al2O3. The catalytic activity of CuO+ZnO/CeO2/Al2O3 in WGSR at low temperature was measured. On the basis of the network constructed from the surface morphology of CuO+ZnO/CeO2/Al2O3, the topological structure parameters and network synchronism were calculated. Results of the calculations show that the node connectivity of the surface morphology network follow a power-law distribution, and that the network synchronism is increased after CuO+ZnO/CeO2/Al2O3 catalyzes WGSR at low temperature. 

Key words: CuO, ZnO, CeO2, Al2O3, complex network

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