Journal of Inorganic Materials ›› 2017, Vol. 32 ›› Issue (4): 418-424.doi: 10.15541/jim20160355

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Electrolytic Composition on Wear Resistance and Corrosion Resistance of the Micro-arc Oxidation Coatings on TiCP/Ti6Al4V Composites

Jun-Ming LUO(), Xiao-Hong WU, Ji-Lin XU   

  1. School of Material Science and Engineering, Nanchang Hangkong University, Nanchang 330063, China
  • Received:2016-06-06 Revised:2016-09-09 Online:2017-04-20 Published:2017-03-24
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Fandation of China (51101085)


The ceramic coatings were prepared by micro-arc oxidation (MAO) on the TiCP/Ti6Al4V composites. The effects of NaOH, C10H12CaNa2N2O8·4H2O and Na2SiO3 additives in NaAlO2 and NaH2PO2 solutions on the microstructure, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the ceramic coatings were investigated, respectively. The results showed that coatings prepared in NaH2PO2 solution were composed of rutile and anatase TiO2, while coatings prepared in NaAlO2 solution consisted of Al2TiO5, γ-Al2O3, rutile and anatase TiO2. The NaOH addition could increase reaction rate of the micro-arc oxidtion, and the hardness of the MAO coatings could be enhanced by the addition of NaAlO2 and Na2SiO3. The thickness of the coatings formed in NaH2PO2 solution is 2-3 times thicker than that of the coating formed in NaAlO2 solution. The corrosion resistance of the coatings formed both in NaAlO2 and NaH2PO2 solutions, ranked from additives: Na2SiO3>C10H12CaNa2N2O8·4H2O>NaOH. Wear resistance of the coatings formed in the NaAlO2 solution ranked from the additives: Na2SiO3>NaOH>C10H12CaNa2N2O8·4H2O, while the wear resistance formed by NaH2PO2 solution ranked from additives: Na2SiO3>C10H12CaNa2N2O8·4H2O>NaOH. After micro-arc oxidation, all of the corrosion resistant and wear resistance of the MAO coatings were higher than those of the untreated TiCP /Ti6Al4Vcomposites. The mciro-arc oxidation coatings formed in NaH2PO2+Na2SiO3 solution showed the best corrosion resistance (about two orders of magnitude higher than that of the substrate) and better wear resistance.

Key words: titanium matrix composites, microarc oxidation, electrolytes, corrosion resistance, wear resistance

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