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Low-temperature Combustion Synthesis of Al2O3-LaPO4 Composite Powders and the Properties of the Composite

GONG Guo-Liang1,2, ZHANG Bao-Lin1, LI Wen-Lan1, ZHUANG Han-Rui1   

  1. 1. Structural Ceramics Engineering Center of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200050, China; 2. Graduate University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China
  • Received:2006-02-13 Revised:2006-06-07 Published:2007-01-20 Online:2007-01-20

Abstract: Al2O3-LaPO4 composite powders were synthesized by low-temperature combustion synthesis using Al(NO3)3, LaPO4 and citric acid as raw materials. The relative density of hot-pressed ALC50(prepared by combustion-synthesized powders) was 98.5% and improved 2.5% in comparision with ALM50 (prepared by ball-milling of powders mixtures). It is shown that the average grain size of ALC50(0.56μm) is μch smaller than that of ALM50 (1.74μm). The bending strength and fracture toughness of ALC50 are respectively increased by 11.1% and 11.2% while the hardness of ALC50 is almost the same. The drilling rate of ALC50 increases by approximately 50% as compared with that of ALM50 due to the increasement of weak interface.

Key words: combustion synthesis, Al2O3-LaPO4 composite powders, mechanical properties, machinability

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