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Effects of TeO2Additions on the Properties of Fluoroaluminate Glasses

FAN You-Yu, YUAN Xin-Qiang, FENG Ji-Tian, HU He-Fang   

  1. Shanghai Institute of Optics & Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800, China
  • Received:2005-03-07 Revised:2005-04-04 Online:2006-03-20 Published:2006-03-20
  • Contact: FAN You-Yu

Abstract: In order to improve the ability of fluoroaluminate glass against devitrification, TeO2 was introduced into fluoroaluminate glass with the molar composition of 10MgF2-20CaF2-10SrF2-10BaF215YF335AlF3. The influence of TeO2 content on the glass formability of fluoroaluminate was studied by differential thermal
analysis technique. And the glass structure analysis was performed by infrared
absorption spectra and Raman scattering spectra. The results indicate that
TeO2 can increase the crystallization onset temperature T xof glasses, decrease melting temperature T mof glasses and improve the ability against devitrification. The structure analysis indicates that,
with the increase of TeO2 content, the YF8polyhedral units decrease,
and more [FnAl--O--AlFn], [TeO3], [TeO2F] and [TeOF2] units exist in the glass network with the introduction of TeO2 which are bridged by the F-and O2-. With good glass forming ability, the
TeO2 modified fluoroaluminate glass also shows high transmittance in the
region of 0.4~5μm; therefore it is a new prospective infrared optical material.

Key words: telluride-fluoroaluminate glass, thermal stability,infrared transmittance,glass structure

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