Journal of Inorganic Materials ›› 2016, Vol. 31 ›› Issue (1): 63-68.doi: 10.15541/jim20150274

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Surface Modification of SUS430 Interconnect with MnCo2O4 Coating

Xi-Wen CAO, Ling-Hong LUO(), Xu XU, Liang CHENG, Ji-Jun SHI, Hui YU   

  1. New Energy Materials Lab, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Jingdezhen 333001, China
  • Received:2015-06-09 Revised:2015-07-31 Online:2016-01-20 Published:2015-12-15
  • About author:CAO Xi-Wen.
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(51462011, 51262010, 51162014);Training Program of Academic and Technical Leaders in Jiangxi Province


Nano-scale MnCo2O4 powder was prepared by means of Sol-Gel method. XRD and TEM were employed to analyze phase composition and microstructure of the MnCo2O4 powder. A paste was made of the powder by adding a proper amount of ethyecellulose as binder and terpilenol. The paste was coated on the SUS430 substrate by screen printing method. The MnCo2O4 coating on SUS430 alloy was sintered under the atmosphere of 95%N2 + 5%H2 at 900℃ for 3 h and then at 800℃ in air for 10 h. SEM was employed to observe the surface and cross-section of the sample with coating. The oxidation resistance and the area specific resistance(ASR) value of the sample was characterized at 750℃ in air. Finally, EDS was employed to analyze the cross-section of the sample. The results show that the powder is in single cubic spinel phase. The grains are homogeneous with size of about 150 nm. The coating that is dense contacts to alloy matrix closely with uniform thickness. After oxidation at 750℃ for 1000 h in air, the weight gain of SUS430/MnCo2O4 sample is 0.15 mg/cm2, which is only one-sixth that of the SUS430 alloy. The ASR value is 0.026 Ω·cm2, two order of magnitude lower than that of SUS430 alloy. EDS results show that Cr is mainly distributed in interface between the coating and alloy, with no distribution in the coating. The MnCo2O4 coating can effectively reduce the oxidation rate and improve the conductivity of SUS430 alloy significantly at high temperature, and restrain the volatilization of Cr successfully.

Key words: SUS430 alloy, MnCo2O4 coating, high temperature oxidation resistance, electrical conductivity

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